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Know Before You Throw


Come Give Axe Throwing a Try at Stumpy’s Hatchet House!

Since 2016, Stumpy’s Hatchet House has provided an alternative form of recreation in locations all over the U.S. with the introduction of hatchet and axe throwing bars. If you are looking to spice up your next date night, want to begin a new hobby, or are looking for a place to host your next birthday party, look no further! Stumpy’s hits the bullseye! Ready to hurl an axe or hatchet? We imagine you probably have a few questions, and there are some things we would like you to know before booking your reservation. Click around to learn the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

Top Questions

Here are some of the top questions we get asked at Stumpy’s!

The minimum age requirement for hatchet and axe throwing varies by location. Please check the specific location pages to verify if the minimum age at the Stumpy’s you’re visiting is 18 or 21. PLEASE NOTE: We have a zero-tolerance policy for underage drinking!

After about 15-20 minutes of training, most guests are hitting the target and honing in on the bullseye. When the group feels ready, it is encouraged to try a variety of hatchet and axe throwing target games. Instructions are in the pit, or you can ask a throwing coach. Want a head start on things? Check out the games here!

Yes! We sell light snacks such as chips, pretzels, etc. We also have soft drinks, water, iced tea, and Red Bull available for sale. Many of our locations are BYOB – beer or wine only – and we have buckets of ice to keep ’em cold for you.  We now have several locations with beer and wine for sale on site! (No BYOB for these locations) Please check the location webpage for the details!

Please contact us if you are planning an event for a group of 30 or more, and we will discuss all your options.

Though we will try to accommodate walk-ins whenever possible, it is not something we recommend. We’d hate for you to drive here just to be turned away! Due to the popularity of our hatchet and axe throwing bars, we are normally pretty booked with reservations, especially on the weekends! Our reservation system lists all available times for each day. If no times are listed, we will not have space for you on that date. (Sorry!) However, if we do have slots of open availability, we’d be happy to bring you in! You can also call the location nearest you to ask if it can accommodate you and your group.

Of course! Non-throwers are allowed to come join the social throwdown, though we will ask them to pay $15 plus tax. With that being said, the rule still applies that all Stumpy’s guests must still meet the minimum age requirements of that location, whether they are throwing or not!

Of course! Non-throwers are allowed to come join the social throwdown, though we will ask them to pay $15 plus tax. With that being said, the rule still applies that all Stumpy’s guests must still meet the minimum age requirements of that location, whether they are throwing or not!

Are you ready to BYOB? And this time we mean Be Your Own Boss! If you’ve been wanting to start your own business, why not join the $900 million-dollar indoor recreation market? A Stumpy’s Hatchet House will make your entrepreneurship dreams come true by investing in a “bullseye” business that started with one location in New Jersey and has grown to receive national publication interest and recognition all over the U.S. Do you want to know more about owning a Stumpy’s franchise? Request franchising info now!

General Questions

Here are some more general questions we get asked at Stumpy’s.

  • $40 per person for two hours of hatchet and axe throwing Hosting a private party with us? We also have local caterers we often work with and can set your group up with them as well.
  • $25 per person for one hour of hatchet and axe throwing
  • If you are part of a group and not throwing, the cost is $15 per person plus tax
  • If you are part of a group of one-four people, you will require a one-hour time slot. The cost per person is $25 for the hour.
  • Groups of five or more will require a two-hour time slot. The cost per person is $40 for those two hours.

Each Stumpy’s location is planning on running a seasonal axe throwing league. Check with the location nearest to you for more details.

You are more than welcome to bring in your own snacks. Didn’t bring anything, but you’re starving? Guests are welcome to order a pizza to be delivered. We have the menus from all the local spots that deliver.

Throwing sessions for groups of five or more will take about two hours. However, we recommend arriving 10 minutes early. Your session begins promptly at your scheduled time with a brief training session. If you are in a group of four or less, you may reserve a throwing pit for one hour.

The Grip:

  • When handling the axe, make sure you have a firm hold with both hands. You should be gripping the axe handle like you would grip a baseball bat.
  • Make sure that while gripping the handle, the axe’s blade is not rotated to the left or right. It will need to be straight so that when you throw the axe, its path is perfectly straight. This creates a much better chance of your axe actually hitting and sticking to the target.
  • Holding your thumb against the back of the axe will help it stay straight and give your throw more accuracy.

The Swing:

  • Start with the axe held out in front of you; it is not safe to start with it behind your back.
  • Once you are ready, very carefully bring the axe back over your head. This should mimic the motion of throwing a soccer ball over your head.
  • Once you have mastered the gesture mentioned above, you will want to lean back so you can bring the axe forward with some momentum.

The Release:

  • In a fast motion, take a step forward with your dominant foot and swing the axe forward over your head.
  • Wait to release until the axe is positioned almost directly in front of your face, but don’t stop your arms there!
  • Finish with a follow through after the release by swinging your hands all the way through to your sides or even behind you. This motion will ensure that your axe gets the right rotation. This way, you won’t need to over-flick your wrists. Trust us!

Standard Scoring and Rules:

  • Each person throws, recording the points from each round. The first person to 21 points wins!
  • Are you looking to change it up? See who can score the lowest, reverse the points from the center out, making the bullseye one point & the outer ring five points!


  • For this game, each ring of the target stands for a letter, and the goal of the game is to spell the word STUMP or STUMPY.
  • Each player takes a turn throwing to try to spell out STUMP or STUMPY.
  • Variations include completing the word out of order, spelling it in order, or spelling it backward!

Around the World:

  • Hit a bullseye to start your way around the target.
  • Next, you will hit each of the outer red dots, starting with the top left and going clockwise.
  • After each of the red dots have been hit, a final bullseye wins the game!

Questions for First Timers at Stumpy’s

Is it your first time hurling hatchets? Get ready to bring your game face! Here’s what you need to know before your first social axe throwing.

You should wear comfortable attire — this is a sporting event after all! During the fall and winter, we do like to keep it cool, so a flannel shirt, sweater, or sweatshirt may be a good idea. While most of our locations are air-conditioned, please check the location page for specific information about air conditioning. For safety purposes, we do not allow any open-toed shoes or sandals to be worn during hatchet and axe throwing. We repeat, SANDALS OR FLIP FLOPS ARE NOT PERMITTED.

Training lasts about 10-15 minutes. This time includes completing the mandatory waiver (if you haven’t done so before arriving), reviewing safety rules and procedures, and instruction on how to properly throw a hatchet.

After about 20-30 minutes, most guests are hitting the target and honing in on the bullseye. When the group feels ready, they can try a variety of hatchet throwing games. Instructions are in the pit, or you can ask one of our designated throwing coaches. Want to get a head start on things? Check out the games here!

Safety is our highest priority at Stumpy’s. This is a very controlled environment, and each person who enters must go through a brief training session before they are allowed to begin hatchet and axe throwing.

PLEASE NOTE: If any participants in the throwing pit area fail to follow the rules, we reserve the right to dismiss that participant from the area with no refund.

At Stumpy’s, we want to ensure the fun and safety of every one of our guests.

Just yourself, closed-toe footwear, and an AXEcellent attitude! We have everything you need here for your hatchet and axe throwing experience! We have some beverages and light snacks for purchase, and at some locations beer and wine are for sale on site! Some of our locations are BYOB (beer and wine only – NO hard alcohol) and we are happy to supply you with a bucket of ice to keep your drinks cold.  Guests are welcome to bring their own snacks or drinks. We even allow food delivery! Most locations will be able to provide menus from all the local spots that deliver.

  • Respect the game, equipment, other visitors, and trainers
  • Demonstrate good sportsmanship
  • Listen to your throwing coach
  • Stay in your own throwing lane
  • Stay behind the indicated throwing line to avoid any axe throwing bounce back incidents
  • Be courteous to those around you
  • Help keep all equipment at Stumpy’s in good condition
  • Do not engage in behavior that could endanger the safety of other visitors or Stumpy’s staff
  • No pushing, shoving, punching, kicking, or verbal threats or harassment
  • Absolutely no drugs or hard alcohol
  • If our staff finds that you are too intoxicated, you will not be allowed to participate in axe throwing

No underage drinking under any circumstances

  • No open-toed shoes, sandals, or flip-flops

Step 1: Firmly grip the axe like you would a baseball bat.

Step 2: Get in the correct stance with your dominant foot forward.

Step 3: Bring the axe over your head, bend back slightly, and follow your arms through to release your axe with momentum.


Common Questions About Parties & Events

Are you looking for a unique venue to host your next birthday, bachelor, or holiday party? Stumpy’s Hatchet House is the perfect venue for an unforgettable celebration. Make your reservation with us today, and keep reading to learn how we can accommodate.

Stumpy’s is the perfect place for a private party. We have hosted many fundraisers, team building events, and other corporate get-togethers in the past. If you have a large group and are interested in renting the entire venue, please call the Stumpy’s location nearest you and check for availability. We also host events during any day of the week per request. The cost of renting an entire venue varies, as all of our locations differ in size and number of pits.

Nope, sorry! This axe throwing place is for big kids only. Please check with your specific location for minimum age requirements.

We ask that you bring your own plates and utensils, but if you run short or forget something, just ask one of our friendly staff members.

Common Questions About Reservations

Want to book a reservation or check for available dates at the Stumpy’s nearest you? Keep reading!

Once you have a date and time in mind, simply go to the Stumpy’s of your choice and click “Reserve Now.” This takes you to our reservation calendar. The times listed are for today’s date, so if you are looking to book a date other than today, you will need to select the desired date to see what times are available.

  • For groups of up to four people, we recommend a one-hour time slot. You will be required to put a $25 deposit down, which covers the cost of one person.
  • For groups of five to 10 people, a two-hour time slot is necessary. You will be required to put an $80 deposit down, which covers the cost of two people.
  • Groups of 11-20 people will require two pits, so look for two pits that have the same times. After booking your first pit, click “add additional services” and proceed to book your second pit.
  • Large groups (over 20) will require assistance from us, so please contact the Stumpy’s location where you are planning your party, and we will be happy to set you up!

We understand things come up and you may have to change your reservation. We simply ask for you to notify us as soon as possible when you know you have to cancel or reschedule. If you give us at least 24 hours, we can reschedule you and transfer your deposit. We can refund or transfer your deposit if you cancel 48 hours or more in advance.

Please call the Stumpy’s location you made a reservation at if you are running late. We run a tight schedule that usually doesn’t give us much flexibility. Typically, we will be unable to make up the time you lost, but if we can, we definitely will. Please keep in mind that there will be no price adjustments if you lose time from your reservation due to being late.

The perfect size for a social throwdown is eight to 10 people. However, we accommodate smaller and larger groups based on availability.

Common Questions & Information About Rules & Safety

Safety at Stumpy’s is our highest priority. This is a very controlled environment, and each person entering must go through a brief training session. Throwing coaches will instruct you on how to throw safely and will monitor the game. By following our rules and procedures and exercising common sense, you will enjoy a safe and fun hatchet and axe throwing experience at Stumpy’s!

For safety purposes, no open-toed shoes or sandals are permitted in the throwing pit area at Stumpy’s. Again – NO SANDALS OR FLIP FLOPS ARE PERMITTED. Otherwise, dress comfortably – you will be playing a sport after all!

No, you cannot bring your own axe or hatchet. (Sorry!) Our insurance policy requires all of the axes and hatchets to be supplied by us.

Stumpy’s reserves the right to terminate any guest’s experience if the rules aren’t being followed.

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