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Learn About Stumpy’s

Learn More About the Axe Throwing Experience

Here’s what you do….

You’ve heard about the social throwdown & now you want to try it!


Get a fun group together and decide on a date/time.

You may want to get a few possible dates/times since we book up fast!


Click RESERVE NOW button
at your preferred reservation 
to check availability.


Find a date/time that works for you and your group. Click BOOK NOW and
secure your spot with a deposit.


Come on in and we’ll get your food/drinks set up while you get trained by our trusty throwing coaches


Hurl some hatchets, play some games, have a tournament but most importantly, HAVE A BLAST!


Bask in the afterglow for weeks to come!

About Us


How It All Began

Stuart and Kelly Josberger, along with their friends Mark and Trish Oliphant, had a casual backyard barbecue one night after a sail on the Barnegat Bay. While the girls were preparing dinner, the boys were out back building a fire in the chiminea. . Chopping wood for the fire, led to the creation of an impromptu game of throwing the axe to a makeshift bullseye on some log rounds from a tree…

What We’re All About…

STUMPY’S Hatchet House offers an alternative form of recreation. Primitive and organic, this sport suits those who love adventure, those who seek a release. Get back to the basics with hatchet throwing.

First Time coming to Stumpy’s?

Let’s get down to business with what you need to know before you arrive

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What should I wear?

Be comfortable – it’s a sporting event!

During the warmer months, we recommend dressing in loose, cool clothing. Chill in the air? We do keep it cool, so a flannel, sweater, or sweatshirt is a good idea.

For safety purposes, we don’t allow open-toe shoes or sandals


How long does it take?

Once training is complete, you’re off to the pits! Depending on your group’s reservation time slot- play time runs for 1 hour or 2 hours


What should I bring?

Other than bringing your game face, you really don’t need anything.  At some locations, BYOB is allowed. At some locations, we have a beer & wine bar! You’re welcome to bring in your own food or order something in. We’ve got menus — just axe!

Have More Questions? No Problem!

Get More Answers

How to Score a Throwdown

standard scoring & rules

Each person throws, recording the points from each round (see point values image). First person to 21 points wins!

Looking to change it up? See who can score the lowest, reverse the points from the center out, making the bulls eye 1 point & the outer ring 5 points!

S.T.U.M.P… And Sometimes Y

Each ring of the target stands for a letter and the goal of the game is to spell out the word STUMP or STUMPY.  To begin, each player takes a turn at throwing trying to spell out STUMP or STUMPY. Variations include completing the word out of order; Spelling it in order, or even backwards!

S.T.U.M.P (Y) Spelling System


The first black ring


The first natural ring


The outer black ring


The second black ring




All the outer red dots count for Y

Around the World

Hit a bulls eye to start your way around the target. Next, hit each of the outer red dots, starting with the top left, going clockwise. After each of the red dots have been hit, a final bulls eye wins the game!

Point Values

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Enjoy an Evening of Competitive Hatchet Throwing

Make Your Next Group Outing an Axe-Throwing One

Finding fun things to do isn’t always easy, especially when you have to cater to a large group of people. Stumpy’s Hatchet House offers an alternative form of recreation: hatchet throwing. Primitive and organic, this sport suits those who love adventure and those who seek a release. Hatchet throwing allows you to get back to the basics. You can drink beers, eat food, and throw hatchets at targets in a safe environment. So, what is competitive hatchet throwing? Learn more about Stumpy’s, hatchet throwing, and more below.

How We Got Our Start in the Axe-Throwing Business

One night, after a sail on the Barnegat Bay, Stuart and Kelly Josberger, along with their friends Mark and Trish Oliphant, had a casual backyard barbecue. While the girls were preparing dinner, the boys were out back, building a fire in the chiminea. Stuart and Mark were chopping wood for the bonfire, and soon they used the axe to create an impromptu axe-throwing game, where they slung hatchets at a makeshift bullseye on some log rounds from a tree. Eventually, Mark and Stuart’s game evolved, and the Josbergers and Oliphants realized the potential their game had. They wanted to recreate the sense of bonding and adventure the two couples felt that night and spread it to people around the country.

Stumpy’s Hatchet Throwing in Six Easy Steps

You’ve heard about The Social Throwdown™, and now you want to try it. We don’t blame you. You haven’t lived until you’ve listened to the thwack of the blade slamming against the target. And there’s no thrill like the one of nailing the bullseye. You don’t need a time machine to feel like you’re taming the frontier. You can venture to one of our locations and hurl some axes, drink some beer, and have fun with your friends or coworkers. Professional axe throwing is six simple steps away:

  • Gather some friends: Axe throwing is a thrill with friends, coworkers, or family members – so much that it spawned our signature catchphrase: The Social Throwdown™. We recommend gathering as many agreed-upon dates and times as possible because spots at our locations fill quickly. Once you collect a posse and select some dates and times, you’re ready for the next step.
  • Reserve a date and time: Click the reserve now button at the top of our website. It will direct you to the page with the locations near you. Click the one you want to visit and select reserve now. If your party is between one and four guests, you can book one hour of axe-throwing time. Parties of five to 10 can reserve two hours. Groups of 10 or more can reserve a VIP room and two-or-three-hour slots. We politely ask that outings with more than 20 individuals contact the location to accommodate your party.
  • Order food and drinks: Maximize your axe-hurling experience by jumping the gun on ordering food and beverages. Rather than waiting until it’s time to start throwing, order promptly. Our wait staff will cook your grub and pour drinks while you’re going through the next step: Training!
  • Train: Axes, as you might expect, contain some pretty sharp edges. So, before you and your party can begin throwing them, one or more of our staff members will teach you the skills you need to land the axe to the target and how to avoid injuring yourself. Learn more about our safety below.
  • Start throwing: Now, it’s time to throw axes! Have fun! We created axe throwing to be a fun, primal, and outstanding physical exercise. You don’t have to hit the bullseye every time. It’s more important to bond with your group and forge lifelong friendships or working relationships – but it’s pretty fun to hit the bullseye.

What Should I Wear?

First of all, be comfortable – it’s a sporting event! During the warmer months, we recommend dressing in loose, cool clothing. If it’s cold, don’t be afraid to embrace your inner Paul Bunyan with a flannel shirt. You can also keep toasty with a sweater or sweatshirt. The point is, stay comfortable. Not only will it enhance your axe-throwing abilities, wearing comfortable clothing will keep you safe. For safetypurposes, we don’t allow open-toe shoes or sandals. Wear tennis shoes or boots with decent tread to avoid slipping with a hatchet in your hand.

How Long Does It Take?

We never send our customers to the playing field without first teaching them safe axe-throwing techniques. Our hatchets need to be sharp to imbed themselves in the target. One of our seasoned axe throwing coaches will train you to throw safely. But once your training is complete, you’ll be off to the pits! The actual competition time varies depending on the rate of play and group size. The average time runs anywhere from one to two hours.

What Should I Bring?

Other than your game face, you don’t need to bring anything. At some locations, BYOB is allowed, and others have a beer and wine bar! Be sure to contact your local Stumpy’s to determine what beer and wine options are available to you. We sell light snacks and soft drinks, but you’re welcome to bring in your food or order food from an outside restaurant. We’ve got menus — just axe!

What Are Some of the Benefits of Axe Throwing?

While fun, camaraderie, and memories are the most significant byproducts of a night spent at our venue, they’re not the only reasons why hatchet throwing is sweeping the nation. People are looking for new ways to better themselves. But between work, family, and social engagements, it can be challenging to do so. Hatchet throwing takes care of all of them. Making a habit of visiting our establishment allows you to:

  • Give stress a good kick in the chin: Everyone feels stress – some more than others. There’s a reason why pounding, kicking, banging, and punching things can relieve the symptoms of anxiety. Hanging a punching bag from the ceiling and purchasing a drum kit are great ways to expel some energy. So is hatchet throwing. Stress can be dangerous, especially when you allow it to build up. Trust us when we tell you, throwing an axe as hard as you can eliminates stress like no other activity.
  • Exercise without feeling like you’re exercising: Some people love to lift weights and run. Some don’t. But no matter what, exercise keeps your body healthy. Axe throwing is especially beneficial to individuals who can’t run due to bad knees or perform other strenuous activity because it’s excellent for your core, shoulders, lats, and legs. It never feels like exercise, which makes it ideal for people who loathe going to the gym.
  • Reconnect with treasured friends: Time passes and makes it challenging to stay connected with friends. Whether getting married, having children, or moving away has caused your friends to drift apart, hatchet throwing is a way to strengthen your bonds for years to come. We work hard to make our establishment an inherently social one. While one friend throws their axe at a target, others are conversing, catching up, and regaling each other with stories from the past.
  • Entertain large groups of people: It can be difficult to corral a group of friends, family members, or coworkers and find an activity that suits all of them. Hatchet throwing is universally exciting, and because there’s such a strong food and drink component to it, it accommodates those who don’t want to throw axes. Our corporate clients, in particular, appreciate what we offer because it makes it easier for managers to plan events for large teams. If you’re a team leader, then we can think of no better way to enhance team morale than to book an event at one of our locations.

Can You Accommodate Large Parties?

Each Stumpy’s location contains more than enough throwing areas to accommodate significant groups. However, we ask that you notify us beforehand and plan to ensure you get a reserved time. Whether you’re bringing three close friends or 100 extended family members, we’ll make it work. Some of the previous events we’ve hosted have included birthday parties, bachelor and bachelorette parties, significant corporate events, and holiday parties. Anything’s possible when you reserve your event with Stumpy’s.

Call Us If You Have Any Additional Questions

The next time you’re planning a party, consider allowing Stumpy’s to host it. You and your friends are looking for new experiences. We offer them. Our team gives you the different experiences you need in a safe and inclusive environment, one where you can learn a new skill and get healthy physical activity. Don’t hesitate to contact your location with any additional questions about hatchet throwing or what you can expect during your visit. We’re glad to answer them.