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Learn About Stumpy’s

Learn More About the Axe Throwing Experience

Here’s what you do….

You’ve heard about the social throwdown & now you want to try it!


Get a fun group together and decide on a date/time.

You may want to get a few possible dates/times since we book up fast!


Click RESERVE NOW button
at your preferred reservation 
to check availability.


Find a date/time that works for you and your group. Click BOOK NOW and
secure your spot with a deposit.


Come on in and we’ll get your food/drinks set up while you get trained by our trusty throwing coaches


Hurl some hatchets, play some games, have a tournament but most importantly, HAVE A BLAST!


Bask in the afterglow for weeks to come!

About Us


How It All Began

Stuart and Kelly Josberger, along with their friends Mark and Trish Oliphant, had a casual backyard barbecue one night after a sail on the Barnegat Bay. While the girls were preparing dinner, the boys were out back building a fire in the chiminea. . Chopping wood for the fire, led to the creation of an impromptu game of throwing the axe to a makeshift bullseye on some log rounds from a tree…

What We’re All About…

STUMPY’S Hatchet House offers an alternative form of recreation. Primitive and organic, this sport suits those who love adventure, those who seek a release. Get back to the basics with hatchet throwing.

First Time coming to Stumpy’s?

Let’s get down to business with what you need to know before you arrive

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What should I wear?

Be comfortable – it’s a sporting event!

During the warmer months, we recommend dressing in loose, cool clothing. Chill in the air? We do keep it cool, so a flannel, sweater, or sweatshirt is a good idea.

For safety purposes, we don’t allow open-toe shoes or sandals


How long does it take?

Once training is complete, you’re off to the pits! Depending on your group’s reservation time slot- play time runs for 1 hour or 2 hours


What should I bring?

Other than bringing your game face, you really don’t need anything.  At some locations, BYOB is allowed. At some locations, we have a beer & wine bar! You’re welcome to bring in your own food or order something in. We’ve got menus — just axe!

Have More Questions? No Problem!

Get More Answers

How to Score a Throwdown

standard scoring & rules

Each person throws, recording the points from each round (see point values image). First person to 21 points wins!

Looking to change it up? See who can score the lowest, reverse the points from the center out, making the bulls eye 1 point & the outer ring 5 points!

S.T.U.M.P… And Sometimes Y

Each ring of the target stands for a letter and the goal of the game is to spell out the word STUMP or STUMPY.  To begin, each player takes a turn at throwing trying to spell out STUMP or STUMPY. Variations include completing the word out of order; Spelling it in order, or even backwards!

S.T.U.M.P (Y) Spelling System


The first black ring


The first natural ring


The outer black ring


The second black ring




All the outer red dots count for Y

Around the World

Hit a bulls eye to start your way around the target. Next, hit each of the outer red dots, starting with the top left, going clockwise. After each of the red dots have been hit, a final bulls eye wins the game!

Point Values

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